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Iris Martin

Founder & Principal Interior Designer

Iris Martin is the founder and principal interior designer at Iris-Simone Interiors, a firm based in Houston, TX. Having been an interior design aficionado from an early age, Iris founded Iris-Simone Interiors with the ultimate goal of assisting clients in bringing out the true & hidden beauty of their homes and spaces. 


The interest for interior design was sparked in her as a teenager when she had the opportunity of working side by side with her mother to design their home, which was being built from the ground up in Accra, Ghana where she grew up. Her mother valued her opinions and made sure to incorporate her ideas when it came to designing and styling different spaces in their home. Her mother always gave her the opportunity to restyle & rearrange areas in their home as the years went by.



With the support and encouragement of her loved ones, Iris began exploring the idea of turning her enthusiasm for interior design into a business. This way, she could showcase her God-given gift whilst helping clients add value to their homes by way of remodeling & adding the perfect finishing touches with her remarkable interior styling skills. Iris works diligently to create spaces that truly exhibit her clients personality, whilst ensuring that each space is as functional and intricately styled according to her client's expectations and needs. With this notion, she created the firm's adage "dwell in style", which she sincerely believes everyone deserves to experience.

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